Jeff Chapman is a seasoned performer, vocalist, bandleader, and song writer.

Jeff has absorbed everything musically since his childhood, drawing from his Southern Gospel roots, traditional country, southern rock and blues.

Jeff's song writing encompasses all of those early influences creating unique original tunes, that include every day life.   From blue collar factory worker, love lost & found, tongue in cheek, and raucous boogie songs.

From a solo acoustic performance, to the full presentation of his Brother Jefferson Band, Jeff Chapman continues to entertain audiences throughout the Midwest and beyond, always striving to give those in attendance, the best musical experience possible. Whether through live performance or recording, in his own words, "the music always comes first"!

It's Here!

It's Here!

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Brother jefferson cd insert

April 3, 2018

The new Brother Jefferson Band CD & DVD are being well received!

Our last 2 shows were fantastic, with enthusiastic crowds and the band was cookin'.

Lots of new things coming with this year for the BJB and we are currently scheduling a 10-12 date tour for early November 2018. 

More updates coming soon on the road trip.


 March 26, 2018

The new live cd & dvd products are here and will be on sale beginning Friday March 30th at our 10pm show at BB's Jazz, Blues, & Soups in downtown St. Louis, MO.

Also any of our shows following, including April 2nd's ICBC Blue Monday at the Alamo in downtown Springfield, IL.

We're also working on a new 'Merchandise Page' on this website for those who aren't able to make it to a show. More details coming soon!

Have a safe & Happy Easter.


March 17, 2018

Exciting news today!

The new Brother Jefferson Band CD and DVD is ready for the world to see.

This project was captured live at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, MO on June 27, 2017.

More details coming soon.


March 2, 2018

Pleased to announce the Chapman Bros. Band will once again be one of the featured acts at the 2018 installment of the St. Paul Parrish annual KIRCHENFEST!

Our time slot is Sunday afternoon, August 26th at 2:00 pm. Mark your calendars now, bring the whole family.


Coming Show Dates

Watchin' The World Go By

Jeff Chapman

Watchin' The World Go By - Jeff Chapman
  1. 1 From Nothing 03:22 Info Buy
  2. 2 Somebody Else's Money 03:44 Info Buy
  3. 3 Something On Her Mind 03:21 Info Buy
  4. 4 In My Mind 03:40 Info Buy
  5. 5 Love Mechanic 03:52 Info Buy
  6. 6 You've Changed 03:40 Info Buy
  7. 7 Watchin' The World Go By 03:34 Info Buy
  8. 8 Let's Start Playin' House 03:22 Info Buy
  9. 9 Best Of Me 04:23 Info Buy
  10. 10 Imagination 03:04 Info Buy

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